The Excel Center is a tuition-free, in person public charter high school for adults. It’s designed to remove barriers to education, meet the needs of adults, and empower individuals to achieve their goals, and it helps students get ready for life after high school. Students can earn college credits and industry-recognized certifications – all at no cost.

The Palmetto Goodwill Excel Center

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    Earning a High School Diploma Can Make A Positive And Lasting Impact On Your Life.

    The Diploma Difference

    High School Graduates Can Earn Up To $10,000 More Per Year With A High School Diploma


    High School Graduates Are 72% More Likely To Be Employed Than Without A High School Diploma


    Meet The Director Of the Palmetto Excel Center!

    Dr. Ruth Chambers Turner is an esteemed educator with nearly a decade of experience shaping minds and transforming lives. Her career started as a math and science teacher, and she progressed to become the director of her former school and later, the D.C. Excel Center. Throughout her journey, she has demonstrated a remarkable ability to create environments that foster growth and development.

    Currently, Dr. Turner serves as the Director and Principal of Palmetto Excel Center, where her passion for educating communities continues to shine.

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