The Palmetto Excel Center Welcomes All Students 21 and Older from the Charleston Tri-County Area

Excel in learning. Excel in life.
Excel in community. Excel in growing.

Earning a High School Diploma Can Make A Positive And Lasting Impact On Your Life

The Diploma Difference

High School Graduates Can Earn Up To $10,000 More Per Year With A High School Diploma


High School Graduates Are 72% More Likely To Be Employed Than Without A High School Diploma



The Palmetto Excel Center

The Palmetto Excel Center is a charter high school that caters to adult learners in the Charleston area. It provides tuition-free education and grants industry-recognized certifications and high school diplomas. The Palmetto Excel Center addresses the challenges that hinder individuals from pursuing their high school education due to life commitments and circumstances. It achieves this by providing resources such as transportation aid, childcare support, and adaptable class timings.

The Palmetto Excel Center is committed to breaking barriers and meeting the needs of each student. We are dedicated to understanding where our students are and meeting them there. Our proactive approach to empowering our students start by us offering…

The Palmetto Excel Center is a tuition-free charter high school for adults that strives to remove barriers through flexible scheduling, accelerated courses, free child care, and other supportive services to help make your dreams of earning a diploma a reality.

Our Mission

At The Palmetto Excel Center, we build rapport and a collaborative community of interdependent teams that foster a safe sense of belonging where our students' journey across the bridge to success.

How do we empower our students?

We proactively develop individualized barrier-removal strategies.

How do we engage our students?

We collaboratively design relevant career and college pathway plans.

How do we motivate our students?

We build confidence through relatable academic content that results in achievement and mastery of skills.

Our Vision

At The Palmetto Excel Center we create an environment where students are empowered to genuinely engage, challenged to take ownership of their learning, and are highly motivated to reach their goals.

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