Young Learners Childcare Center

The Young Learners Childcare Center (YLCC) is an on-site drop-in childcare center located on The Palmetto Excel campus to support students pursuing their high school diploma. The YLCC admits children of all races, nationalities, religions, ethnic origins, or ability levels from all backgrounds, belief systems, and family dynamics.

The drop-in center offers free childcare and serves children ages of eight weeks to 12 years old during school hours.

In the YLCC, we provide a safe, fun, developmentally appropriate environment for the children we serve. We do our due diligence to provide comfort and peace to parents while their children are in our care. We meet each child at their level to help them gain new heights alongside their parents by facilitating new learning experiences while playing.

We are committed to creating a positive early childhood experience. Children participate in a full range of activities such as creative arts and crafts, stories, and free play that will stimulate their independence, social, pre-academic, fine and gross motor skills, and emotional growth at their own pace.

Kandace Tisdale – YLCC Manager

Ebony Wright - YLCC Coordinator

Kristaya Gray - YLCC Assistant