Student Support Services

Flexible Learning Times

We design our schedules to fit your busy life so you can balance your work, family, and education.

Free Onsite Childcare

You don’t have to worry about finding and paying for childcare for your children while you are in class or studying on campus. We provide free, safe, and high-quality childcare at the center.

Supportive Life Coaching

You’ll have someone to guide you along your journey. We pair every student with a life coach who provides guidance and encouragement from day one.

Streamlined Learning

We bundle coursework to help you make the most of your time. This way, you learn faster and more effectively.

Preparation for the Future

You’ll be ready for what comes next. We provide free support to prepare you for college, your career, or whatever comes next. This includes helping you explore potential careers, prepare for job interviews, and even understand how to manage your finances.

Special Education

The Palmetto Excel Center offers support for students who need special education services. Eligible students receive a 504-plan designed to meet their needs. A special education instructor at the center helps make sure students have goals, service time, and accommodations to ensure success.